Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z ofertą lamówek.

Kontakt z nami

Assortment in width

wovenfrom 5 – 60 mm
knittedfrom 3 – 100 m


  • woven smooth
  • knitted smooth
  • knitted with a pattern

Footwear tapes

  • woven smooth or with pattern
  • woven smooth or with pattern

Tapes for roller blinds

  • woven smooth (polypropylen)


  • woven smooth or with pattern
  • knitted smooth or with pattern

Furniture and upholstery tapes

  • knitted


  • woven

Reflective tape

  • woven

Fencing tape

  • knitted

Mattress tapes

  • knitted
  • woven

Tapes for identifiers and tags, the so-called lanyards

  • woven
  • reflective

In addition to the presented products, we also produce tapes and belts for many other applications.

The high-quality yarns we use and our professional staff make our products durable and pleasing to the eye. We are constantly expanding our range with more and more new designs and enriching our range of colors.

We are also happy to develop products tailored to your particular needs.

Send us your wishes – we will contact you.


Possible ways of packing:

It can be winded on spools or discs and spread in cardboard.


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We approach each customer individually, adapting to his needs.